Monday, March 22, 2010

Well, . . .and . . .so . . .

. . . . . here I am , awakening it seams from a long winter sojourn since October and from November, when the cold and snow began, (I mean snow, Snow, SNOW -- there are still mounds in Baltimore, unrecognizable beneath the black city smuck settled atop) -- kept me sequestered within and in.  And, I've definitely wandered far and long from the yellow brick road, but well, not always lost!


While "in",  and during one of my many researching expeditions, (and my love for dolls), I ran across this wonderful little Riley by Helen Kish (do look her up on the web) Helen Kish dolls.  The next thing on my mind was making clothes for this little tiny 7 1/2" wonder. So, I've been at it, making her clothes, and I just love it.  Very intricate, detailed stitching from my antique Singer 99-13 (you can get the tiniest stitches from this little honey without the computerized settings.  I've found that -- new?, just isn't always better for everything).  Negotiating and navigating around the tiniest of curves and angles to produce perfect tiny bodices and sleeves, is best controlled with a motor and hand wheel, definitely not the place to test your speed! It is however, the ultimate test of patience!

I've made quite a few little whimsical outfits; poor little Riley is getting a messy head from trying all the clothes on, poor baby.  But, the up side is that VictoriAnnie's will once again open on Ebay (I need to find a place for these clothes) with Riley's outfits, many sets including my own originally designed accessories and vintage, stamped and printed designs.  

(There will also be a few hand made Victorian inspired heirloom items with vintage lace insets from Victorian and antique designs, full size, not for Riley! There are after all, limitations with the size of garments! Tea anyone? :)

I have lots of work to do to open my storefront again and Riley has lots of photo ops ahead to prepare for her runway listings.  We will definitely keep you informed of the opening day!