Saturday, May 15, 2010

 VictoriAnnie's Reopens!

Ahhh . . .  at long last,   Thanks to the combination of all my learned crafts, VictoriAnnie's has recovered and reopened with her own  line of clothing handmade and tailored for the little Riley doll sculpted by Helen Kish. 

If you love doll collecting, Riley is definitely one to own.  Or, own several Rileys to dress and stage.  She will steal your heart with her precious face, diminutive size of 7.5", and perfectly proportioned little girl body.  Riley's artistically poised limbs, though not articulated,  make it possible to position her in many poses for artistic photo shots.

Over the past several years, I've learned more than a few artsy crafts and have combined them all in the creation of one of a kind items for Riley.  I truly get a kick out of creating these little masterpieces of silk ribbon, paint and ink on fabric, styled into little ensembles, most of which I stitch together on my wonderful old antique Singer 99-13.  A gem of a machine that has taught me the patience needed for creating tiny clothes with tiny stitches!

VictoriAnnie's comeback has become very successful, as you see, there is nothing in my newly opened Ebay store.  This is because I'm sold out and am busily sewing and recreating new items to replenish my stock.   I love to offer a variety of styles to choose from.  All of my items are hand sewn, many made into one of a kind works of art with the addition of beautiful silk ribbon embroidery.  I also offer the occasional crocheted ensemble. 

Also offered within the store,  is my Trademark line, "Fairy Tale Frocks", VictoriAnnie's specialty line of clothing for Riley.  I print my own fabric with fairy tale themes and whimsical designs, often incorporating hand stamped images and ribbon embroidery.  I also get a kick out of putting together cute period pieces, my most recent being an outfit for "70's Riley" with jeans, vest, gauze blouse, backpack and a beaded headband.  Though you may find ensembles from the same pattern, there is no way I can duplicate any one outfit, so all of my items and one of a kind for the true collector.

Each outfit is a complete ensemble, never less than 4 pieces.   I love sewing for this tiny collector doll and each piece is intricately stitched, all seams and hems finished by serger, zigzagged, over-locked or pinked.  All will always be completely described to include whether paints or inks are used and what types of ribbon work for embellishments.  All of my creations (unless otherwise noted) are made of natural fabrics of cotton, silk, wool or rayon (or combination thereof).

To see my recently sold items, you can go to Ebay and do an advanced search using my Ebay ID, Auldenglish to see a few sold or completed items only.  To see new items, which are always coming soon, simply click on the link below, which will take you to a page detailing some of my store's history and from there travel to my stores page.

You can be sure that if you find my shelves bare, I am busily sewing away on my old Singer to complete more wonderful ensembles.

Hugs and Happy Crafting
Sandi Romijn

I will soon have a new website opening on WORDPRESS.COM which will showcase my items and offer links to my eBay auctions.

This link is to my old VictoriAnnie's about me page, which I haven't had time to update, to include my new offerings..  However, it will give you some insight to my past interests and offerings of reborn artistry and infant clothing.

Ebay About Me 

VictoriAnnie's on Ebay

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