Tuesday, September 7, 2010

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Steam Punk n Lace!
 . . . . .   VictoriAnnie's previously sold items that were listed on eBay!   Feel free to browse----just click the Facebook Badge included in my sidebar.

The ensemble to the left is a VictoriAnnie's exclusive, completely designed by me except for the Top Hat, for which I used a pattern from MHD Designs.  The model is the ever woeful, Ellowyne Wilde, for who I've recently added for my couture creations that fit her 16 inches, as well as the sassy little school girl, Delilah Noir!

I have unfortunately, temporarily closed my eBay store, due to the fact that I can't justify the expense, since I can't keep it stocked.  My items just seem to fly off the shelves more quickly than I can replenish the stock!  No complaints there, at all.

Detachable Sleeves and Gathered Hem
 Ellowyne is shown here with the sleeves removed and the skirt bottom gathered into a stylish bubble.  The fascinator which adorns her hat, is also detachable and can be worn in her hair, instead.  I'm really very excited about styling more ensembles for Ellowyne, though as in any other craft, I am at the disposal of my muse to grace me with fashion ideas.  I refuse to cookie cut my items, so I've put myself on a pretty short leash in creating strictly one-of-a-kind items.  Some of my items use the same patterns, but none are ever exactly alike.

In this Steam Punk and Lace ensemble, the dress is created from a created fabric piece.  The lace and batiste were joined in the lace to lace, lace to fabric method, creating an original heirloom item for Ellowyne from vintage lace and the addition of streaming silk ribbon and hand turned silk ribbon roses.

All of my ensembles are completely one of a kind and I often find myself adding to them as I go along--as in this Steam Punk and Lace ensemble.  I find that each is an experiment in itself.
Gantlet gloves with Gold Rivets and Silk Ribbon Ties

Here I show Ellowyne with the fascinator detached from the Top Hat and simply attached to her hair for a different look, altogether.

Her fingerless gantlet gloves are fitted with gold rivets through which, golden silk ribbon is laced and tied to fit securely.  Where applicable, nearly all of my creations combine silk ribbons and/or thread and silk ribbon embroidery. 

Occasionally, I will not be completely satisfied with an item because, though it may look nice, it just doesn't pass my own critique.  When this happens, I stitch and assemble another and include both with the order.  The buyer of this ensemble received two sets of gantlets;  The original set and the replacement set.

A couple of Groups you my be interested in joining:

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And,  there is Ellowyne's Ennui, a fun place to go to keep posted of new items and fun things to do.

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Saundra Romijn

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