Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Down the Not So Yellow Brick Road . . . .a trip to grungy scrapping.

So,at first, I thought and thought about style and where to go with it and my mind was so centered around the typical little whimsy style for children, or all those bright and cheery layouts that well, really just didn’t do much for me.  Don’t get me wrong, I think cheery is great, but the whole clean page thing just isn’t for me.  I like antiques and nostalgia, running across old yellowed artifacts and articles.  I enjoy seeing  a bit of age to an olde photo or olde brass collectible.  It means someone thought  of it enough to cache it away for prosperity.  It was someone’s important memory.  I get to gaze upon something  important to them in their life long ago.  Sooo . .

. . . .imagine my delight when I ran across the king of Grunge!  Though leaning toward the dark side (I kind of like that too, though), his style definitely fit right in to my criteria.  Not only would this art style fit into my “Once Upon a Time” theme for my grandson (the little PRINCE), but it also was an almost comforting feeling that in this one area, at least I did not need to aim for perfection.  And, what little boy wouldn’t appreciate bits of leather strings and smudges in his little life story?  It means the little guy will be able to touch it!  A few mistakes here and there are acceptable, if not almost welcome.  I mean, really!  This guy Tim even has mistakes built into his stamp designs, so this is just right up my alley. ( I save the bright and cheery pages for  his Great Grandmother).   

I accidentally tore hole in the paper for the card above, and I thought, ooops.  But instead of trying to fix it it, I made the hole bigger and let it work for itself.  Grunge is just so forgiving!

My little "Inchies", books with 
inspirational quotes.


I eventually was lucky to find the "All Things Tim", Yahoo Group though I haven't been able to do anything but make quick visits while still trying to tie up loose ends to my "Story Book Gown".  But, shortly after I joined, I got to participate in a project that included the newly released grungepaper.  That was lots of fun and I received back some wonderful art.  If you like stamping and scrapping and are into to the grunge look and feel, Tim Holtz is definitely the place to visit!

(No, I'm not on his payroll!)

Tim Holtz

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