Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Proud to be published in Martha Pullen's Newsletter!

My Story Book Gown, using Martha Pullen's, Anna Garrin's Gown pattern.

I've poured over her magazines for several years (lucious eye candy) and have admired the work of her and her very talented contributors. I'd never guess that she would favor me by publishing my photo shots of the Story Book gown I'd sewn for my grandson's life dedication.

From "Martha Pullen's Fan Club" (Yahoo Groups), my Story Book Gown was noticed by the Heirloom Diva herself and published in her October 12, 2009, Martha Pullen's Newsletter! What an honor! Thank you Martha!

The complete ensemble includes the Gown, Bonnet, Extra Cap, and the honorable Family Heirloom Slip bearing his name along with his parents and grandparents.

Below is the link to the October 12, 2009 newsletter and a pic of the wonderful "Anna Garrin Baptismal Gown" pattern I used.

Martha Pullens Newsletter 

See my next post, "Story Book Gown, cont." to view the rest of the pics.  (This Blogger will only post 5 per page.  Sorry.)

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