Monday, October 12, 2009

Just exactly who is, "VictoriAnnie"?

The Life and Death of VictoriAnnie's on Ebay---or, the beginning of my tumble "Down the Craft Whole".

She started out innocently enough. As we all do, when we find something new and interesting. We hesitate, meander around until we find firmer footing, then take hold and run with it.

So, VictoriAnnie's opened on Ebay and offered her Fancy Victorian Styled Home Decor to the public with all its flourishes of silks, satins, laces and bullion
trims. Beautiful pillows and runners lined her shelves graced in the light from the old fashioned windows. For a good while, things looked pretty good. But then, alas, her time began to fade under the immense competition building around her.

Her beautiful wares collected dust, the light through the windows no longer gleamed off the beauty of her fabrics, and her windows grew dim. VictoriAnnie, sadly turned the little sign 'round in the door, gathered her wares; Then, with a slight smile, placed them here and there, 'just so', in her little parlor, where they were naught forgot!

For, VictoriAnnie knew, this was just the beginning of a journey . . . "Down the Craft Whole"!

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